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Note : There has been some changes in the API, Please get in touch with Support if your site is effected.

Searchbox/Banners Ads

You will simply be able to place banners and searchboxes onto the site containing the link to the Parent Partner site (ie, Expedia.com, booking.com and hotelscombined.com etc) There is no such customizations involved and customers are routed to the Parent Partner site once clicked on the banner. Its the easiest and Cost effective solution for affiliates. You can consider it similar to Google Ads


As we don't have access to the source code of Flights and Hotels in whitelabeling, we are only left with the oppertunity to play with color combinations whereas some whitelabeling product may not be mobile friendly. Oppositely, API based websites will be mobile compatible to any screens (ie, Laptop, Mobile, Ipads and Widescreens). These are the two most important features which we feel are very important now a days in order to make better sales.


The core difference between the two is, Whitelableing solution is customizable to a certain extent whereas, the websites based on API is 100% customizable. You can build your own logics in order to take the business to next level. Like, Customized Reservation Email, Newsletters and reminders etc.

Difference between Price Comparison and Online Booking

Price Comparison

Such websites helps customers to find the best deals amongst various OTAs and shows the results in a single place. Once they find the deal they are navigated to the respective website  and book the hotel/flights from there. This way, there is no registration or log of bookings maintained in the site.

Online Booking

Such websites has a feature of checkout which allows their customers to book the hotels remaining on the site. This way, it keeps cusomters are not routed to any other website. All the bookings takes place in your website and customers receives a customized email after reservation with your Private Branding. Customers can even register/login in order to view/cancel their booking history

Who Provides What in general

Expedia Provides

Hotels Only (API Only). They have limited their API services to Hotels Only

WEGO Provides

Hotels + Flights (Whitelabeling and API Both) Their Whitelabeling is Free whereas they charge upto $1000-$1200/Year for their API usage

TravelPayouts Provides

Hotels + Flights (Whitelabeling and API Both)

Dohop Provides

Flights (Whitelabeling)

Booking.com Provides

Booking.com Provides : Search Box Only

Installation & Setup of Theme

Order the package you find best fit for your requirements, We have solutions to Expedia (API), WEGO (Whitelabeling), TravelPayouts (Whitelabeling), Booking.com (Searchbox) and Dohop Whitelabeling.

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Features, Demo and their respective costing

Its not just about theme purchase. Our teammates will help you with setting the theme up, get approvals from service providers, customize it as per your Brand and put it on Production environment.

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Commission Stucture

Every OTA offers different commission, for an example Travelpayouts shares upto 50 to 70% of the income they receive from agencies and airlines whereas Expedia affiliate will receive a 5% commission from the total booking amount, excluding the tax fees and any other fees imposed by the property, for their referral.